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Fashion + Beauty + Lifestyle

Boring and basic isn't your thing. Your beautiful is bold.  Your pretty has an edge.  Your favorite neutrals are leopard and leather.  Now your shopping comes with value and convenience while you're busy being the badass you are. 

What It Is

A lifestyle subscription box for the glamorous badass!  Full of  fashion accessories, full-size beauty products and lifestyle items carefully curated by us! 

Who It's For

For those who believe style is a vital form of self expression. For the hardworking hustler that values her well earned dollars! For the discerning babe who doesn't have the time to search far and wide for items that are edgy, sophisticated and make her feel badass. 

How It Works

Sign Up. Relax while we curate your box of amazing products. Watch it show up on your doorstep each season. Enjoy your present to yourself. Tell all your friends that you've met your soulmate in the form of an inanimate object, The Badass Box!

The Badass Box Subscription Box Annual Subscription

Annual Subscription


  • Discounted Rate 
  • 4-6 Full Size Items in Every Box 
  • Auto Renews Every Year 
  • Ships May, August, November, February
  • Suspend or Cancel Anytime* 

The Badass Box Subscription Box Quarterly Subscription

Quarterly Subscription


  • 4-6 Full Size Items in Every Box 
  • Auto Renews Every Quarter
  • Ships May, August, November, February
  • Suspend or Cancel Anytime* 

What's In The Box

Think rocker chic meets minimalist glam with healthy doses of black, metallics and animal print...

If you have the heart of a rebel, the soul of a trendsetter and the mind of a #bossbabe,

this box is your box. Fuck yeah.

Our Manifesto

Zero Fs Given... Except When the F Stands For Fashion


Here at The Badass Box, we believe expression of self is almost as important as the air in our lungs and to be stifled
or censored would mean the inevitable dimming of our light.

We reject that. Hard.

Here you are welcome. Here you are celebrated. Here you are free to be the badass that you are.
We hereby decree this a conformity-free zone and violators shall henceforth
receive the middle finger with a big, bold

This is our truth.

Babe, What Are You Waiting For?